Comparing the similarities and differences between the two houses gryffindor and slytherin at the ho

What sort of personality differences are there between houses what are the differences between hufflepuff and gryffindor students there just two. Anonymous said: hello, i'm aware you've done the analysis for both of these patronuses, pretty much, but i'm curious to know if you could state the differences and similarities between person wielding. Gryffindor slytherin ravenclaw and hufflepuff love this, especially 'hufflepuff is not the motherfucking potato house' hufflepuff pride 💛 please don't compare. She will share her experience on the differences between living in spain and the us differences between living in spain and the us as a spanish citizen that has spent 10 months living in the usa, i am going to share with you the similarities and differences between living in spain and in the us. The eerie similarities between harry potter and neville longbottom two boys were equally at risk from lord voldemort, but he only targeted one traditionally.

Draco malfoy, a boy with platinum blond hair and a pale, pointed sneering face, is the only child of the wealthy lucius malfoy and his wife, narcissa black malfoy draco attends hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, and is in the same year as harry potter draco is a member of slytherin house. Accio the magicians vs harry potter is basically like if gryffindor and slytherin had a magical love child (because those are the only two houses people care. Sadly, two of the houses of hogwarts are often overlooked those being house hufflepuff and ravenclaw those being house hufflepuff and ravenclaw this may be due, impart, to very few of the main protagonists coming from both these houses, with the vast majority coming from either house griffindor or slytherin. Been rereading the books recently and when i comes to the similarities between the marauders+lily+petunia+snape and the trio+neville+ginny+luna+draco its become clear to me at least which characters are similar.

What are the relations between hogwarts houses, outside of gryfindor/slytherin enmity be anybody in those two houses it's gryffindor, slytherin and the rest. How it works on this page, i break down the traits for you, telling you exactly what they mean and what house they correspond to gryffindor and slytherin. Comparison = similarity contrast = difference comparisons are discussions in which a student finds similarities between two or more ideas or things contrasts, on the other hand (a popular but overused transition between concepts) are discussions in which a student indicates differences between two or more ideas or things.

We all know the rough characteristics of each hogwarts house: ravenclaw is smart, gryffindor is friendly and brave, slytherin is ambitious and perhaps a little unscrupulous, and hufflepuff is open. He was caught between two troublesome twins and the first baby girl in the family he also had the misfortune to be born just as the first war against voldemort was reaching its climax baby ron would have had to compete for attention in a way that none of his siblings did. It's rather difficult to take an 800+ page book and convert it into a two-and-a-half hour movie the house elves the gryffindor ghost, and all the other house ghosts (bloody baron, fat. That is why his favorite subjects are history of magic and astronomy, because it gives him the chance to compare the differences and similarities between witches, wizards, and muggles least fave subject : although namjoon excels in classes that focus on theory and lecture, he struggles with hands on classes. Sorting stereotypes unfairly fulfilled is because of the differences between the founders gryffindor and slytherin as the better houses and have been.

Though a gryffindor can be a bit of a show-off or bragger and might be choosey, like a slytherin, at who might just be better than the other, but they are still loyal and stick up for each. Gryffindor for the brave and chivalrous, ravenclaw for the wise, slytherin for the cunning and hufflepuff for the loyal and hardworking there are many similarities between these two systems of sorting that are immediately apparent, and i am going to list them here. These two competitions breed rivalries between the houses, the greatest of which is that between gryffindor and slytherin sorting in the early days of hogwarts, the four founders handpicked students for their houses. While its attributes are very similar in some ways to the thunderbird, this seems in line with the idea that slytherin and gryffindor have always been, in some sense, two sides of the same coin. General rp:transfiguration edit house point hourglass gryffindor: 0 points and what it's about to become-- similarities you can use, and differences you'll.

comparing the similarities and differences between the two houses gryffindor and slytherin at the ho In conclusion, the best way of finding the differences between two countries is having the experience of living in both because of my experience living in colombia and the united states, i have found that the differences in geography, traditions and economy between colombia and the united states are very interesting to explore.

To compare and contrast two thing means to find the similarities and differences between them. In harry potter and the sorcerer's stone, the focus is mainly on these first two houses, and ravenclaw and hufflepuff get kind of cheated later in the series, we learn more about the characters from both of those houses and why they are important. He has effectively dropped my points about snape and slytherin house support characters my opponent mentions two out of dozens and dozens of support characters in harry potter and again mentions originality.

  • If you had asked me a few years ago which house i best identified with, i would have told you i saw myself as gryffin-claw (so, a hybrid between gryffindor and ravenclaw.
  • Compare and contrast between two house there are many differences and similarities between houses on duncan and arla however, one is better than the other one.
  • What are some differences and similarities between harry potter and draco malfoy only differences and similarities that are apparent in the 1st book please (harry potter and the sorceror's stone) follow.

Comparing also known as compare-contrast, this type of activity requires students to identify important characteristics and then use these characteristics as the basis for identifying similarities and differences. Follow/fav the difference between slytherin & gryffindor by: you're in slytherin and i'm in gryffindor what would the houses think if we were nice to each other.

Comparing the similarities and differences between the two houses gryffindor and slytherin at the ho
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